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Welcome to my blog


Here I'll be doing interviews with creative people involved in music. I'll be asking about what tips and experiences they have to offer.

By Michael Green, Mar 17 2016 10:09PM

Here is my interview with singer songwriter Alex Appleton. We talk about his experiences writing

songs and performing live.

Raised in Bedford, Alex Appleton first plied his trade as a singer, guitarist and songwriter in the North-East of England in various bands and sonic experiments, culminating in his work in rock power trio Avast! Narwhals, whose music has been described as "equivalent to watching Neptune expertly guiding his chariot through the challenging spirit of the mighty ocean". Having moved south for a more temperate climate, he writes music which finely balances absurdity and musicality, which could be loosely described as Alternative Rock with a Lo-Fi feel.

By Michael Green, Feb 18 2016 08:02PM

Here I interview Kayleigh Sanders about her experiences performing live

Kayleigh is a singer from Bedford. She performs mainly as a solo singer. Venues range from pubs, to holiday camps, to weddings and the indigo O2 arena in London.

By Michael Green, Feb 10 2016 03:11PM

Here I interview Adam Green & Liz Munro from Ayelle Photography. We talk about their experiences photographing live music events and other projects.

Ayelle is the creation of Adam and Liz A couple from Bedfordshire. They are more than just photographers, they are a couple and have love at the foundations of photography and there is nothing more they love doing than capturing beautiful moments, stories, faces and events. Their name comes from their own initials A and L – Rolled into a word Ayelle, pronounced A.L their goals are simple. To create beautiful images and give a great experience when doing this. When they achieve this they regard it as a success.

By Michael Green, Feb 3 2016 09:38PM

Guest blog post written by Lily O'Brien from her A Little Bit Of Everything blog

This is her view on what the Bedford music scene is like.

read more of her work at http://lilysalittlebitofeverything.blogspot.co.uk/

Before we begin delving into the back-catalogue of Bedford’s music scene, I’d like to clarify something. With the exception of a few performances in musical theatre (strictly chorus parts only), and the occasional, gloriously loud and obnoxious, shout-along to the car radio, my musical talents are relatively limited. I can carry a tune, but that’s about it. I am not one of the very many local talents around Bedford, but an observer, purveyor and admirer of those that are. This article is not being written from the mind of someone who has first-hand experience of performing on any of the many stages primed and ready to display the audio delights of solo artists and bands alike. It is by a person who has been lucky enough to be surrounded by musically blessed friends and, as a result, been able to observe their progress and success with a keen eye, and is maybe well placed to advise any keen up-and-coming talent on the best steps to take to get your name – and your sound- out there.

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