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Michael Green is a singer-songwriter with over 20 years’ experience performing and creating music. A regular on the Bedfordshire music scene, he could be found performing in both public venues, in private house gatherings, special events, and online.

Michael is offering a custom song service where you can send a personalised song to a loved one. With this package you can send a custom song for a birthday or anniversary.

Michael will rework the pre-written birthday or anniversary song below with 2 areas of customisation. You will be able to have the name of the recipient and 1 personalised reference written into the song.

To order your custom song all you need to do is press the blue button below to request the project details form and let me know you would like to order a song. I will send you the form where you can fill out all the relevant details & be on your way to sending the ultimate meaningful gift.

Once the project is completed you will receive the song as an MP4 video, MP3 audio & lyric sheet. This will all be done within 3 days of ordering your custom song.

If you would like more details feel free to get in contact here

Do you want a custom song completey written from scratch? Click Here for my full custom song package.

Pre-Written Birthday Song

The name 'Amy' is used in the video for demonstration purposes only

Pre-Written Anniversary Song

Testimonials & Feedback

My wife loved her present & my daughter was buzzing she got mentioned. Thank you Michael for doing it, it was a great gift idea.

Calum, Bedford

Package Price

Pre-Written Custom Song - Video MP4, Audio MP3, Lyric sheet (£15)

If you would like to order a pre-written custom song click on the 'Request Project Details Form' button below to contact me.

When you recieve the form you will be able to fill out all the relevant details and purchase your custom song.

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